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Two Thousand Thirteen.

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.   It’s been a busy fall/winter.

2013 has been an incredible year of highs and (1) low.  The rundown:

January  – Started the new year newly engaged to my love, turned 32 years old while remembering my brother would have been turning 30, and accepted my first job as an attending!

April 15th – Boston Marathon bombings.  A day that will haunt and inspire me forever; from the terrible attacks, to the wonderful outpouring of support and affection.

June 30th – Graduated from residency at Boston Medical Center; spending 4 years here was an incredible, exhausting, learning experience and it was difficult to say goodbye to my colleagues and friends.

July 15th – Moved to Arlington, Virginia – just across the river from Washington, DC to start our new life.  Boston changed my life and was terribly hard to leave – I met my husband, got my first baby (pup Bear), trained and worked my heart out at BMC, made incredible friends.  Boston Strong will always have a place in my heart.

August 7th – Started working as an attending Emergency Medicine physician – yikes!!!  Scariest first day of work EVER!  But I did ok, I (and my patients) survived.

August – November – Attended the weddings of 4 incredible couples – in New Jersey, Martha’s Vineyard, Maryland, and upstate New York.  We partied at weddings for most of the fall!

November 11th – Took the American Board of Emergency Medicine board certifying written exam.  Had studied for months for this, the culmination of 12 years of training, let’s just say I was a bit stressed.  *Passed!*

Thanksgiving – Met my parents in Savannah, Georgia to pass off wedding supplies.  🙂  Explored a very fun small city.

December 13th – The most fun day of my life.  The day I got to marry my best friend.  We have decided we want to do this once a year, it was that much fun.

December – Traveled to St Barths – an incredible, luxurious, French island in the Caribbean.  Ate lots of good seafood, drank lots of champagne, read a few good books (The Checklist Manifesto, Gone Girl), sat in the sun.  Can we go back?!

December 31st – Today.  As I sit here in my pajamas getting ready for my 2pm-midnight ED shift, I’m so grateful for this year and all of the emotions it has brought me.  When the clock strikes midnight, I will be ringing in the new year at work, which, ironically, I have done for the past 4 years straight.   Jake and I joke that we have never spent a New Year’s Eve together.  But together in spirit tonight, as husband and wife, we will start the new year.  And I’m so excited about what it will bring.

Happy eve of 2014 everyone!  May love, happiness, good food, good beer, family, and travel populate your entire 2014 as I expect and hope it will for us!

By The Robinsons photo.

By The Robinsons wedding photo.  Love.