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Reading… Finished The Interestings. Overall, eh. It was well written, very character driven. I wouldn’t read it again, but I’m glad I did, and it was worth getting through it. But parts of it were a little slow, and I felt like the book just sort of ended. As if there could have been another chapter. Next up: trying to get the nerve to start this book – supposed to be a phenomenal read, but it’s a bit daunting to start this large of a non-fiction book. I’m usually a fiction only lover and needs to be relatively fast paced. But I’m going to try it because it comes so highly recommended.

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Theme searching… My mom (who is one of about 2 people who read this, and hence, I should make her happy) told me she missed seeing the lemons on the top of my blog. So I decided to try to find a new theme to re-incorporate the lemons! Think I’ve found one I like. It’s insane how much free blog support there is out there. I find it really fun to change up the look and try to create a sleek aesthetic for the page. Blogging is still relatively new to me, even though my first post was (!gasp!) in December 2010!  Wow.

Zillowing… Is that a word? It should be. It’s equally addicting as it is punishing. I find a new house in our budget, add it to my favorites, and receive an email the next day that a sale is pending on it. Anyone have an affordable 3+ bed, 2+ bath house in northern Virginia or southern Maryland they want to sell us???