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Lime cupcakes, Vermont trips, and SKI WAFFLES!!!

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Sweet scripts:  Lime cupcakes with strawberry frosting, spontaneous trips to vermont, and “ski waffles!”

Cold, brisk, snowy January days (on which I am lucky enough to be home and not working!) deserve these bright lime cupcakes.  The cream cheese frosting was an interesting mixture…. half of the sugar ended up on me/the ground/the wall.  Bear was VERY happy about that.  Didn’t catch that part on film.  But said frosting was creamy and sweet anyway!

And those same cool days are perfect for a rather spontaneous trip up to Vermont for snowboarding, b&bs with private hot tubs, catching up with old friends, and some doggie playtime in the snow!  Bear finally got to meet his counterpart…. FEMALE Bear!  Honey Bear, that is.  After a stressful introduction (Jake has the puncture wounds to prove it), the doggies warmed up to each other and then couldn’t be pulled apart.  The Bears, as I like to call them, became fast friends and soon forgot the fight they started off the night with.  Dogs are funny.

Ok, and seriously, why are the chocolate covered sugar waffles they sell ONLY at Vermont ski resorts so freaking delicious?  Why?  And why are they at every ski resort in Vermont and NOWHERE else?  And lastly, but most importantly, how can I make them?