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Love and St. Croix.

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I realized I’ve been back from St. Croix for 2 months now, and I haven’t posted photos.  And then I think about all that has happened in the last 8 weeks, and I realize why.  Wow.  It seems like forever ago.  And while the last time I wrote about St. Croix, I wrote about fear, I wanted to post this time about a few of the incredible adventures I had down there.

The beaches.  Ahhhh, give me a good book, some good tunes, and a beach any day and I’m a happy girl.

I loved Cane Bay on the north shore of the island.  It was quieter than some of the other more beautiful beaches (hello, Sandy Point beach – arguably the most beautiful beach I’ve been to in the WORLD).  It’s also where I got to dive “the wall” – an incredible reef around ~50 feet down that suddenly drops off to about 3000 feet.  A little surreal.  Also where I had my run in with a shark.  And by run in, I mean, I saw one, it seemed pretty close, I tried not to freak out, and then thought about it for the rest of the dive.  🙂  I’m deathly, unreasonably afraid of sharks for those unaware.

The architecture, the yellow Dutch bricks.  The doors.  I find them beautiful and intriguing.  My mom always takes photos of doors and uses them in the most creative ways.  There were beautiful doors in Christiansted and Frederiksted – many that were boarded up.  Places that looked like they had been magnificent, regal buildings at one point, now seemed dilapidated, quiet, and sad.  As if the owners had moved on and moved out.  I learned that many Cruzians left the island in the last year after the oil refinery shut down – a major employer on the island.

In addition, much of the island was left in ruins after the devastating Hurricaine Charley (2004).  And many buildings have yet to be repaired.

And then of course, there is Norma and the pigs.  Norma makes a killer breakfast.  Killer.  Her secret drink – mama wana – is known throughout the island.  It’s rum based, has honey and herbs – and it will knock you on your feet before noon.  Or anytime thereafter.

And no paradise is perfect without being able to share it with your favorite person.  

Although honestly, this is what we usually look like.  We are big goofballs.  

Thanks for an amazing month St. Croix.  It was a blast.

Fear and St. Croix.

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Fun with photoshop for iPhone.

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