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A Coptic Wedding.

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I had the pleasure of being invited to a good friends wedding a couple of weeks ago.  She is Egyptian, and as an honor to her family, her and her groom participated in a Coptic wedding ceremony.   The Coptic Orthodox Church is the Christian faith of Egypt and the Middle East.   It was so interesting to see the ceremony which had elements that seemed very distinctly Arabic – the smoking incense from the swinging lanterns, yet seemed very Catholic at the same time.

I didn’t grow up formally following any religion.  And I’ve never regretted that.   But now, as I grow, and learn, and travel this great world, religion is something that is very intriguing to me.   It’s difficult for me to think of giving myself to something so intangible.  My type A, scientific-minded brain can’t wrap my head around the idea.  But I can see why people do.  And I find myself more and more curious about religion everyday.

I feel very lucky to have been able to been privy to this ceremony.  And to my wonderful, gracious, loving, kind friends Noah and Stephanie – congrats!  All the best to you.

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