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Filling my days with…

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Reading… Finished The Interestings. Overall, eh. It was well written, very character driven. I wouldn’t read it again, but I’m glad I did, and it was worth getting through it. But parts of it were a little slow, and I felt like the book just sort of ended. As if there could have been another chapter. Next up: trying to get the nerve to start this book – supposed to be a phenomenal read, but it’s a bit daunting to start this large of a non-fiction book. I’m usually a fiction only lover and needs to be relatively fast paced. But I’m going to try it because it comes so highly recommended.

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Theme searching… My mom (who is one of about 2 people who read this, and hence, I should make her happy) told me she missed seeing the lemons on the top of my blog. So I decided to try to find a new theme to re-incorporate the lemons! Think I’ve found one I like. It’s insane how much free blog support there is out there. I find it really fun to change up the look and try to create a sleek aesthetic for the page. Blogging is still relatively new to me, even though my first post was (!gasp!) in December 2010!  Wow.

Zillowing… Is that a word? It should be. It’s equally addicting as it is punishing. I find a new house in our budget, add it to my favorites, and receive an email the next day that a sale is pending on it. Anyone have an affordable 3+ bed, 2+ bath house in northern Virginia or southern Maryland they want to sell us???











Filling my days with…

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Reading…  The Interestings, by Meg Wolitzer – a pretty…interesting novel so far.  😉

The Interestings


About halfway in, and has managed to keep my attention over the past few nights.  Written from the third person perspective and jumps around chronologically which usually I find distracts from the story and characters, but so far has made me put the thing down.  Will keep you updated.  Also (work) reading the Annals of Emergency Medicine – and when my new issue arrived I was super excited to see my former co-residents and colleagues at Boston Medical Center with a major publication!!  Congrats to Scott Dresden, Megan Leo, Alison Sullivan, and Kristin Carmody (among others) for this awesome achievement!

Online yoga…  Scheduling time to go to a yoga studio can be tricky; practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home can be a convenient alternative.  It’s also an additional challenge to do yoga as your dog is trying to lick your sweat and curiously sniffs at every new pose that you do (arrrrgghhhhh – but he’s so cute doing it!)  Not to mention the price point of the online videos vs joining a studio!  (Although I’m dying to try this place).  So until I’ve saved my pennies for that studio, I’m in a trial period of the yogaglo community (free for 15 days FYI) and I’ve done a couple classes.  I’m still trying to find the more athletic, power based videos – the practices that make you sweat (and not just because you’re doing hot yoga ;).  I did one video by Stephanie Snyder and liked the athleticism of it.  Anyone tried this website?  Any specific instructor or class suggestions?

Googling…  An attempt to locate more details on the amazing old camera my sister got me for my birthday.  She found it in an antique store in Florida and the clerk wasn’t familiar with its origins.  I’m wondering if I could get it to work.  If only I could figure out how to open the damn thing… The internet seems to think I have this camera – The Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 – circa 1946.

Kodak Brownie six-20

Kodak Brownie six-20 – now I just need film!