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Ahhhh, Boston.

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With less than a week to go here in Boston, I’ve been getting a little nostalgic.  This is a city that did pretty good by me.  I went through a lot in the 4 years I spent here, and I’ve emerged a more complete person.  I met my mate, I added a dog to my life, I made lifelong friends, I started a love affair with hoppy beers (and then sours), I started yoga, I was mugged, I worked my ass off, I’ve seen death, and I’ve seen life.  I’ve laughed, cried, been angry, stressed, delighted, in love, had severe road rage, and every other feeling and emotion in between.  But through it all, Boston always had my back.

Here are some of my ramblings around the city these last few weeks.

A photography tour with my parents in town for graduation took us to the waterfront district.  

Oh, kids.

And I decided I needed to visit Charlestown since I’ve somehow never been there in my 4 years here!  It’s a quiet, quaint neighborhood with tons of history.  Although you could probably say that last detail about every part of Boston – one of my favorite things.

A last get together at our place with homemade ceviche.  You can’t go wrong with Rick Bayless!

Graduation – my last one!  

I’ve moved every 4 years for as long as I can remember, but this one seems particularly hard.  This city I’ll not soon forget; I’m leaving countless new friends and those I now consider family.  But I’m lucky that 2 very special ones are coming with me.  The future down south looks bright.  Bye bye Boston, ciao Cambridge!  It’s been real, and I have only love for you.