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A ‘Happy’ documentary.

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Sweet prescriptions (scripts):

I’ve decided I’m going to try doing a (?weekly-ish) column of recommendations (prescriptions) that are making me smile and feel fulfilled.  And while I anticipate most of the scripts will be sweet, delicious treats, this one is a wonderful film that everyone should be prescribed.

With almost a week of reflection on the horror from Newtown last Friday, and after reading through the obituaries of 6 year olds, I needed something to lift my spirits, and change the direction of my thoughts.  While Obama’s initiative is also helping me to do that, I watched a wonderful documentary today on happiness that redirected my emotions.

In the film, one of the statements a psychologist makes is that while money can buy some happiness; it has it’s limits.  He goes on to mention that yes, a person making $50,000 a year is more happy than one who is making $5,000 a year.  However, the $50,000/year people don’t seem to be any LESS happy than those making millions a year.  And in fact, his research has shown they are MORE happy than those millionaires.  

The film interviews self proclaimed happy people from communities all around the world.  (I LOVE the Louisiana family!!!)  It also visits Bhutan, which boasts the slogan “gross national happiness” as a motto and as a political and economic policy.  (It’s also now on my list of places to travel!)

The bottom line?  Do what makes you happy; surround yourself with those you love and who love you; be compassionate; take opportunities to perform acts of kindness.  

So, what makes you happy?