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Reading…  The Interestings, by Meg Wolitzer – a pretty…interesting novel so far.  😉

The Interestings

About halfway in, and has managed to keep my attention over the past few nights.  Written from the third person perspective and jumps around chronologically which usually I find distracts from the story and characters, but so far has made me put the thing down.  Will keep you updated.  Also (work) reading the Annals of Emergency Medicine – and when my new issue arrived I was super excited to see my former co-residents and colleagues at Boston Medical Center with a major publication!!  Congrats to Scott Dresden, Megan Leo, Alison Sullivan, and Kristin Carmody (among others) for this awesome achievement!

Online yoga…  Scheduling time to go to a yoga studio can be tricky; practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home can be a convenient alternative.  It’s also an additional challenge to do yoga as your dog is trying to lick your sweat and curiously sniffs at every new pose that you do (arrrrgghhhhh – but he’s so cute doing it!)  Not to mention the price point of the online videos vs joining a studio!  (Although I’m dying to try this place).  So until I’ve saved my pennies for that studio, I’m in a trial period of the yogaglo community (free for 15 days FYI) and I’ve done a couple classes.  I’m still trying to find the more athletic, power based videos – the practices that make you sweat (and not just because you’re doing hot yoga ;).  I did one video by Stephanie Snyder and liked the athleticism of it.  Anyone tried this website?  Any specific instructor or class suggestions?

Googling…  An attempt to locate more details on the amazing old camera my sister got me for my birthday.  She found it in an antique store in Florida and the clerk wasn’t familiar with its origins.  I’m wondering if I could get it to work.  If only I could figure out how to open the damn thing… The internet seems to think I have this camera – The Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 – circa 1946.

Kodak Brownie six-20

Kodak Brownie six-20 – now I just need film!

1 month.

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Well, it’s been one month.  One month since the Best. Day. Ever.  I’ve mentioned how amazing our whole weekend was to just about anyone who asks.  How loved we felt.  How honored we were to have so many people travel to celebrate with us.  I have so many favorite moments – from Jake leaning in and kissing me after I read my vows and everyone laughing (too early! not yet! ;), to my niece wandering in zig-zag lines down the (really long) aisle, to the wonderful words my new brother in law told me, to the sweetly protective words my (old) brother in law told to Jake, to seeing my dad speak so thoughtfully, the morning at the spa with my loves – there are so many more.

Sharing our photos was something I’ve been wanting to do.  While some feel very personal, and it felt strange to share, they read like a story.  I can feel the emotion in them.  And I wanted everyone to be able to see and feel the story.  Now, it would be impossible for me to post all of the photos I love.  Because there are HUNDREDS.  I’ve spent hours looking through them – and some that I LOVE were too big of a file size to post here.  I love photography, and I love our photographers.  So without further rambling, here is a sampling, our wedding story – in brief – captured by Becka and Nate Robinson.  Please enjoy.

btr_weddingweekend_jj-166 btr_weddingweekend_jj-144 btr_weddingweekend_jj-150 btr_weddingweekend_jj-154 btr_weddingweekend_jj-183 btr_weddingweekend_jj-190 btr_weddingweekend_jj-199 btr_weddingweekend_jj-198 btr_weddingweekend_jj-215 btr_weddingweekend_jj-243 btr_weddingweekend_jj-256 btr_weddingweekend_jj-259 btr_weddingweekend_jj-263 btr_weddingweekend_jj-282 btr_weddingweekend_jj-274 btr_weddingweekend_jj-276 btr_weddingweekend_jj-292 btr_weddingweekend_jj-288 btr_weddingweekend_jj-437 btr_weddingweekend_jj-438 btr_weddingweekend_jj-467 btr_weddingweekend_jj-479 btr_weddingweekend_jj-498 btr_weddingweekend_jj-515 btr_weddingweekend_jj-450 btr_weddingweekend_jj-543 btr_weddingweekend_jj-566 btr_weddingweekend_jj-570 btr_weddingweekend_jj-586 btr_weddingweekend_jj-588 btr_weddingweekend_jj-589 btr_weddingweekend_jj-307 btr_weddingweekend_jj-314 btr_weddingweekend_jj-345 btr_weddingweekend_jj-594 btr_weddingweekend_jj-595 btr_weddingweekend_jj-596 btr_weddingweekend_jj-606 btr_weddingweekend_jj-612 btr_weddingweekend_jj-613 btr_weddingweekend_jj-380 btr_weddingweekend_jj-381 btr_weddingweekend_jj-079 btr_weddingweekend_jj-112btr_weddingweekend_jj-393 btr_weddingweekend_jj-397 btr_weddingweekend_jj-403 btr_weddingweekend_jj-418 btr_weddingweekend_jj-421 btr_weddingweekend_jj-624 btr_weddingweekend_jj-671 btr_weddingweekend_jj-691 btr_weddingweekend_jj-704 btr_weddingweekend_jj-728 btr_weddingweekend_jj-777 btr_weddingweekend_jj-778 btr_weddingweekend_jj-782 btr_weddingweekend_jj-801 btr_weddingweekend_jj-842 btr_weddingweekend_jj-845 btr_weddingweekend_jj-852 btr_weddingweekend_jj-863 btr_weddingweekend_jj-921 btr_weddingweekend_jj-924 btr_weddingweekend_jj-875 btr_weddingweekend_jj-903 btr_weddingweekend_jj-930 btr_weddingweekend_jj-967


The Details!!!:

Location:  South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, Florida

Wedding Planners:  Jane Perry – my insanely creative mother and Jacquie Miller – my super talented sister – they rock!!!  They hand made almost every detail you see – from the lettered signs, to the light up Mr & Mrs marquee light, to the card box – along with the help of my crazy talented father Jim who did the heavy lifting and carpentry.  

Dress/Suit:  JCrew – Boston, MA and Washington, DC

Hair/Makeup:  Jamie Lyn Cintron – Ft. Myers, Florida

Officiant:  Dr. Michelle Rougeux – close family friend who became a notary to be able to marry us!

Flowers:  Babys breath, garden roses, succulents – Beth at Floral Artistry – Sannibel, Florida

Food:  Chef Seth Kondor – Captiva Island, Florida

Cupcakes:  Chocolate raspberry, coconut, carrot cake – Mason’s Bakery – Ft. Myers, Florida

DJ:  DJ Jim Gable of Stereophonic DJs – Ft. Myers, Florida

Beer:  Jai Alai IPA and Brown Ale – by Cigar City Brewing Co. – Tampa, Florida

Photographers:  By The Robinsons – Orlando, Florida

Favors:  Homebrew by Jake.  🙂

St Barthelemy.

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Honeymoon was everything it should have been.  Private, hot, sunny, delicious, relaxing, and filled with love.

If you’ve never been to St. Barths – plan your honeymoon there.  It is incredible.  Albiet, a bit pricey – thereby necessitating a big reason to go.  But when you find that reason; you. should. go.  Pristine beaches, luxurious small hotels, great food on a small, quiet, private island.  The only thing that was missing was good beer.  So we filled our bellies with lots and lots of champagne.  🙂

If you need recs, please email me.  I would completely recommend our boutique hotel (Hotel Christopher) – as well as its spa (Sisley).  I would also recommend that you not be afraid of flying in small planes, and landing on airstrips that require a steep descent – wow.  It’s labelled as one of the most dangerous runways in the world.  And I’m a TERRIBLE flyer.  Every bump or shake and I think we are going down (ask Jake – I make him explain to me why planes aren’t going to crash from a big gust of wind every time we fly together).  Every once in a while at SBH, the planes don’t make the stop at the end of the runway in time, and go right onto the beach where thin beautiful French people are sunbathing topless.  Really, google it, it’s true.  But our flight was fine.  And the trip was incredible.  And so, here are some of my favs.  Enjoy.

champagne  hotel christopherreflection

coco loco

corona  north shore  saline beach

champagne cruise  smile   view at the hotel

exploring  saline beach   soaking up rayshappy

rope  shell beach  doggiecatamaran  feetsunset  i heart st barth  DSC_0180  cafe

plant  beautiful cemetery  nikki beach

greenery  my model  caffeine with a view

the view


Two Thousand Thirteen.

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.   It’s been a busy fall/winter.

2013 has been an incredible year of highs and (1) low.  The rundown:

January  – Started the new year newly engaged to my love, turned 32 years old while remembering my brother would have been turning 30, and accepted my first job as an attending!

April 15th – Boston Marathon bombings.  A day that will haunt and inspire me forever; from the terrible attacks, to the wonderful outpouring of support and affection.

June 30th – Graduated from residency at Boston Medical Center; spending 4 years here was an incredible, exhausting, learning experience and it was difficult to say goodbye to my colleagues and friends.

July 15th – Moved to Arlington, Virginia – just across the river from Washington, DC to start our new life.  Boston changed my life and was terribly hard to leave – I met my husband, got my first baby (pup Bear), trained and worked my heart out at BMC, made incredible friends.  Boston Strong will always have a place in my heart.

August 7th – Started working as an attending Emergency Medicine physician – yikes!!!  Scariest first day of work EVER!  But I did ok, I (and my patients) survived.

August – November – Attended the weddings of 4 incredible couples – in New Jersey, Martha’s Vineyard, Maryland, and upstate New York.  We partied at weddings for most of the fall!

November 11th – Took the American Board of Emergency Medicine board certifying written exam.  Had studied for months for this, the culmination of 12 years of training, let’s just say I was a bit stressed.  *Passed!*

Thanksgiving – Met my parents in Savannah, Georgia to pass off wedding supplies.  🙂  Explored a very fun small city.

December 13th – The most fun day of my life.  The day I got to marry my best friend.  We have decided we want to do this once a year, it was that much fun.

December – Traveled to St Barths – an incredible, luxurious, French island in the Caribbean.  Ate lots of good seafood, drank lots of champagne, read a few good books (The Checklist Manifesto, Gone Girl), sat in the sun.  Can we go back?!

December 31st – Today.  As I sit here in my pajamas getting ready for my 2pm-midnight ED shift, I’m so grateful for this year and all of the emotions it has brought me.  When the clock strikes midnight, I will be ringing in the new year at work, which, ironically, I have done for the past 4 years straight.   Jake and I joke that we have never spent a New Year’s Eve together.  But together in spirit tonight, as husband and wife, we will start the new year.  And I’m so excited about what it will bring.

Happy eve of 2014 everyone!  May love, happiness, good food, good beer, family, and travel populate your entire 2014 as I expect and hope it will for us!

By The Robinsons photo.

By The Robinsons wedding photo.  Love.

Martha’s Vineyard Wedding.

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Well, the wedding season continues for me.  It’s been, and continues to be, a busy, but spectacular summer and fall!  Wedding number 2 of 5 was two weeks ago in Chillmark, Martha’s Vineyard.  It was, let’s just say, a beautiful, home grown, organic, romantic, family and friend-centered affair.  The couple put all of their friends to work (which everyone happily obliged) to help create an intimate occasion that almost everyone could say they contributed to.  Jake and I created the labels for the wine the couple had made for the wedding.  It was a little stressful knowing that we were creating something that would be so front and center for Steph and Noah’s big day.  But this is a couple who is so laid back and warm, I know they would have been happy with whatever product we made.  I do love what we created for them, and I think they were happy as well.  wedding wine

wedding white

rindos red

The whole weekend was a super fun session with close friends we hadn’t seen in months – since leaving Boston.  We all rented a house – which was the strangest mix of kitschy-chic I’ve ever seen (and of course I took no photos somehow to document this – oops).

The night before the wedding was a pig roast.  Pretty damn cool.

pig roastObviously, there was fun in the pool – the location of the after-wedding party as well.


pool fun

The ocean, the hills, the perfect blue skies.  It was a beautiful weekend.

chillmark vineyardAnd of course, the wedding.  Tufik pensively going over his “marrying duties” in our glorious backyard.   He went on to do an amazing job as master of ceremonies.  🙂

getting readyThe reception cocktails were so yummy.  I must make them.

moscow mule - mv style

The BMC reunion made this an especially memorable weekend. bmc reunion Congrats Steph and Noah.

steph and noah