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Martha’s Vineyard Wedding.

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Well, the wedding season continues for me.  It’s been, and continues to be, a busy, but spectacular summer and fall!  Wedding number 2 of 5 was two weeks ago in Chillmark, Martha’s Vineyard.  It was, let’s just say, a beautiful, home grown, organic, romantic, family and friend-centered affair.  The couple put all of their friends to work (which everyone happily obliged) to help create an intimate occasion that almost everyone could say they contributed to.  Jake and I created the labels for the wine the couple had made for the wedding.  It was a little stressful knowing that we were creating something that would be so front and center for Steph and Noah’s big day.  But this is a couple who is so laid back and warm, I know they would have been happy with whatever product we made.  I do love what we created for them, and I think they were happy as well.  wedding wine

wedding white

rindos red

The whole weekend was a super fun session with close friends we hadn’t seen in months – since leaving Boston.  We all rented a house – which was the strangest mix of kitschy-chic I’ve ever seen (and of course I took no photos somehow to document this – oops).

The night before the wedding was a pig roast.  Pretty damn cool.

pig roastObviously, there was fun in the pool – the location of the after-wedding party as well.


pool fun

The ocean, the hills, the perfect blue skies.  It was a beautiful weekend.

chillmark vineyardAnd of course, the wedding.  Tufik pensively going over his “marrying duties” in our glorious backyard.   He went on to do an amazing job as master of ceremonies.  🙂

getting readyThe reception cocktails were so yummy.  I must make them.

moscow mule - mv style

The BMC reunion made this an especially memorable weekend. bmc reunion Congrats Steph and Noah.

steph and noah


Two days in Maine.

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I made a quick trip up to Bar Harbor, Maine this past weekend to meet up with Jake and his family.  Jake, his brother Max, and his dad had just biked 1000 miles over 14 days around Maine.  It’s been an adventure in the making for about a year now and they were so excited about it.  I can’t even begin to think about making that kind of trip.  I was tired just thinking of their days filled with 70, 80, and 90 mile excursions.

Acadia National Park

So I met them at the finish line and spent 2 days breathing in the clean air, hiking the green mountains, sitting on the dock of the lake.  It’s wonderfully simple up there.  It reminds me a lot of where I grew up in upstate New York – with the forests, the hills, the crisp, fresh air.

The simple lifeHikingLake

Getting to spend time with Jake’s family was great – Max and his girlfriend Kati are big outdoor enthusiasts – although they didn’t convince me to hike the Precipice.  But we did do a nice easy hike.  My fear of heights is ridiculous, I know.

The hikers

Jake’s dad – pure happiness is what I think he was feeling at this moment.  Ken - happy

And now I’m back to reality, work, studying, stress.  Two days in Maine was a nice distraction.


Ahhhh, Boston.

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With less than a week to go here in Boston, I’ve been getting a little nostalgic.  This is a city that did pretty good by me.  I went through a lot in the 4 years I spent here, and I’ve emerged a more complete person.  I met my mate, I added a dog to my life, I made lifelong friends, I started a love affair with hoppy beers (and then sours), I started yoga, I was mugged, I worked my ass off, I’ve seen death, and I’ve seen life.  I’ve laughed, cried, been angry, stressed, delighted, in love, had severe road rage, and every other feeling and emotion in between.  But through it all, Boston always had my back.

Here are some of my ramblings around the city these last few weeks.

A photography tour with my parents in town for graduation took us to the waterfront district.  

Oh, kids.

And I decided I needed to visit Charlestown since I’ve somehow never been there in my 4 years here!  It’s a quiet, quaint neighborhood with tons of history.  Although you could probably say that last detail about every part of Boston – one of my favorite things.

A last get together at our place with homemade ceviche.  You can’t go wrong with Rick Bayless!

Graduation – my last one!  

I’ve moved every 4 years for as long as I can remember, but this one seems particularly hard.  This city I’ll not soon forget; I’m leaving countless new friends and those I now consider family.  But I’m lucky that 2 very special ones are coming with me.  The future down south looks bright.  Bye bye Boston, ciao Cambridge!  It’s been real, and I have only love for you.  


Love and St. Croix.

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I realized I’ve been back from St. Croix for 2 months now, and I haven’t posted photos.  And then I think about all that has happened in the last 8 weeks, and I realize why.  Wow.  It seems like forever ago.  And while the last time I wrote about St. Croix, I wrote about fear, I wanted to post this time about a few of the incredible adventures I had down there.

The beaches.  Ahhhh, give me a good book, some good tunes, and a beach any day and I’m a happy girl.

I loved Cane Bay on the north shore of the island.  It was quieter than some of the other more beautiful beaches (hello, Sandy Point beach – arguably the most beautiful beach I’ve been to in the WORLD).  It’s also where I got to dive “the wall” – an incredible reef around ~50 feet down that suddenly drops off to about 3000 feet.  A little surreal.  Also where I had my run in with a shark.  And by run in, I mean, I saw one, it seemed pretty close, I tried not to freak out, and then thought about it for the rest of the dive.  🙂  I’m deathly, unreasonably afraid of sharks for those unaware.

The architecture, the yellow Dutch bricks.  The doors.  I find them beautiful and intriguing.  My mom always takes photos of doors and uses them in the most creative ways.  There were beautiful doors in Christiansted and Frederiksted – many that were boarded up.  Places that looked like they had been magnificent, regal buildings at one point, now seemed dilapidated, quiet, and sad.  As if the owners had moved on and moved out.  I learned that many Cruzians left the island in the last year after the oil refinery shut down – a major employer on the island.

In addition, much of the island was left in ruins after the devastating Hurricaine Charley (2004).  And many buildings have yet to be repaired.

And then of course, there is Norma and the pigs.  Norma makes a killer breakfast.  Killer.  Her secret drink – mama wana – is known throughout the island.  It’s rum based, has honey and herbs – and it will knock you on your feet before noon.  Or anytime thereafter.

And no paradise is perfect without being able to share it with your favorite person.  

Although honestly, this is what we usually look like.  We are big goofballs.  

Thanks for an amazing month St. Croix.  It was a blast.

Fear and St. Croix.

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