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I have an app on my phone that has reminders and a ‘to-do’ list. There are consistently at a minimum, 5 items on that list. I also receive a daily email that gives me an update on new posts from blogs that I follow. It usually contains links to somewhere between 8 and 10 new posts. It also suggests new blogs and other posts to follow based on the links that day. I am subscribed to 3 work related, and a handful of non-work related podcasts that come out with new material daily to weekly as well. I have 2 email address’s (that I check), 2 Instagram feeds, 1 Facebook account, and my own personal blog.

All of these ask for, and many of them demand, my attention.

No matter how I try, how productive I am, how long my son naps for, how late I stay up, these aforementioned items are difficult, near impossible, to accomplish on a regular basis. The excitement I feel when I have whittled down my ‘to-do’ list to a few items is disturbingly satisfying. But there always remains a few more items to do, a handful of blog posts to read, multiple new podcast episodes to digest, many, many emails to address, new Instagram feeds to enjoy, photos to upload to social media, updates on Facebook to make note of, and posts to create for my own space, here, that I love so dearly.

It was at some point in Leo’s first few months that I realized there was too much on my plate. I’m so glad I caught it early. Because sometimes, not multi-tasking is so much more important than getting everything done. Tuning in to the now. Savoring the day to day actions that are easily thought of as mundane, but which are the things that fill my heart with happiness. Throwing the frisbee in the backyard with my dog. Lying on the floor making my son giggle, making dinner with my husband. I have made a conscious effort to try to tune out, to slow down, to NOT multi-task over the past few months. It’s difficult, but I’m trying. I enjoy the little things so much more.

slowing down