St Barthelemy.

Honeymoon was everything it should have been.  Private, hot, sunny, delicious, relaxing, and filled with love.

If you’ve never been to St. Barths – plan your honeymoon there.  It is incredible.  Albiet, a bit pricey – thereby necessitating a big reason to go.  But when you find that reason; you. should. go.  Pristine beaches, luxurious small hotels, great food on a small, quiet, private island.  The only thing that was missing was good beer.  So we filled our bellies with lots and lots of champagne.  🙂

If you need recs, please email me.  I would completely recommend our boutique hotel (Hotel Christopher) – as well as its spa (Sisley).  I would also recommend that you not be afraid of flying in small planes, and landing on airstrips that require a steep descent – wow.  It’s labelled as one of the most dangerous runways in the world.  And I’m a TERRIBLE flyer.  Every bump or shake and I think we are going down (ask Jake – I make him explain to me why planes aren’t going to crash from a big gust of wind every time we fly together).  Every once in a while at SBH, the planes don’t make the stop at the end of the runway in time, and go right onto the beach where thin beautiful French people are sunbathing topless.  Really, google it, it’s true.  But our flight was fine.  And the trip was incredible.  And so, here are some of my favs.  Enjoy.

champagne  hotel christopherreflection

coco loco

corona  north shore  saline beach

champagne cruise  smile   view at the hotel

exploring  saline beach   soaking up rayshappy

rope  shell beach  doggiecatamaran  feetsunset  i heart st barth  DSC_0180  cafe

plant  beautiful cemetery  nikki beach

greenery  my model  caffeine with a view

the view