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Martha’s Vineyard Wedding.

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Well, the wedding season continues for me.  It’s been, and continues to be, a busy, but spectacular summer and fall!  Wedding number 2 of 5 was two weeks ago in Chillmark, Martha’s Vineyard.  It was, let’s just say, a beautiful, home grown, organic, romantic, family and friend-centered affair.  The couple put all of their friends to work (which everyone happily obliged) to help create an intimate occasion that almost everyone could say they contributed to.  Jake and I created the labels for the wine the couple had made for the wedding.  It was a little stressful knowing that we were creating something that would be so front and center for Steph and Noah’s big day.  But this is a couple who is so laid back and warm, I know they would have been happy with whatever product we made.  I do love what we created for them, and I think they were happy as well.  wedding wine

wedding white

rindos red

The whole weekend was a super fun session with close friends we hadn’t seen in months – since leaving Boston.  We all rented a house – which was the strangest mix of kitschy-chic I’ve ever seen (and of course I took no photos somehow to document this – oops).

The night before the wedding was a pig roast.  Pretty damn cool.

pig roastObviously, there was fun in the pool – the location of the after-wedding party as well.


pool fun

The ocean, the hills, the perfect blue skies.  It was a beautiful weekend.

chillmark vineyardAnd of course, the wedding.  Tufik pensively going over his “marrying duties” in our glorious backyard.   He went on to do an amazing job as master of ceremonies.  🙂

getting readyThe reception cocktails were so yummy.  I must make them.

moscow mule - mv style

The BMC reunion made this an especially memorable weekend. bmc reunion Congrats Steph and Noah.

steph and noah


A Coptic Wedding.

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I had the pleasure of being invited to a good friends wedding a couple of weeks ago.  She is Egyptian, and as an honor to her family, her and her groom participated in a Coptic wedding ceremony.   The Coptic Orthodox Church is the Christian faith of Egypt and the Middle East.   It was so interesting to see the ceremony which had elements that seemed very distinctly Arabic – the smoking incense from the swinging lanterns, yet seemed very Catholic at the same time.

I didn’t grow up formally following any religion.  And I’ve never regretted that.   But now, as I grow, and learn, and travel this great world, religion is something that is very intriguing to me.   It’s difficult for me to think of giving myself to something so intangible.  My type A, scientific-minded brain can’t wrap my head around the idea.  But I can see why people do.  And I find myself more and more curious about religion everyday.

I feel very lucky to have been able to been privy to this ceremony.  And to my wonderful, gracious, loving, kind friends Noah and Stephanie – congrats!  All the best to you.

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