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Fear and St. Croix.

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Fun with photoshop for iPhone.

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Photos I’m following…

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I love photography.  I spend hours online perusing photoblogs – soaking up foreign lands, black and white portraits, bright flowers, panoramic landscapes – you name it, I love it.  I wouldn’t call myself a photographer so much, as a person who enjoys photography, owns a camera (or 2) and takes photos.  

^Phnom Penh, Cambodia, May 2009^

While my job can be pretty black and white, by the book, and with little room for creativity, it causes me serious pangs of joy to look at photos, and to try to play around with my own camera to take shots.  I do think that looking at other artists’ work is so inspiring, and it helps to push me a bit more to take more photos, and more interesting photos, of my own.   

So here are some artists/photo blogs that I had forgotten about, but re-discovered while going through my bookmarks on my old PowerBook G4 which I dusted off and brought to St. Croix with me for my month down here.  I’m so happy I re-discovered them!

Leah Nash’s photos are beautiful; the stories they tell need no words. 

A wonderful website promoting photography, but also social awareness –  economic issues, social injustice, environmental exploitations – from around the world.

Who doesn’t like browsing through photos as diverse as Siberian lakes to kangaroos in Australia?  And you can download free wallpaper for your computer!  

This guy took his Toyota Land Cruiser and literally drove around the world over the course of a year.  So jealous.   

And this is one of my work colleagues, also a physician with a creative spirit.  He’s a great photographer – I love his photos in the NYC subway!

Snowy weekend with the girls.

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My sister, mom and my niece Perry came up to Boston a couple weeks ago to help me do some wedding shopping.  And it’s the strangest thing: any time my sister comes to Boston, we get a ton of snow, AND, she’s pregnant and suffering from morning sickness.  She didn’t disappoint on the snow, and I’m happy to report that she was much less sick this time around!

Perry wasn’t too sure about that snow at first.  It took her a few minutes to even try to touch it.  After some serious reservations though, she finally did pick up a little snowball.

This is my favorite photo of their visit.

^Love these girls.^