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Valentine’s Day sweets!

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Sweet scripts:  Brownie Cookies with Salted Caramel Creme

Wow.  I was pretty sure there was no need to ever make homemade brownies, because, let’s face it: betty crocker’s boxed mixes are perfection.  

But these brownie cookies are just the right amount of dense chocolatey inside with a cracked, just a bit crunchy outside.  I just used a jar of caramel I found at the store for the buttercream frosting, but next time, I’ll try making my own.

With salted caramel buttercream filling.  Yes.And the best part of baking?Licking the bowl of course.  I’m pretty sure that is why I bake.  Well, that, and it makes me happy.  Make these.  Totally worth it.

I heart street art….and TedTalks.

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Love TED talks.  I love sharing information, knowledge, art, ideas with the world, for free.  

This woman is very interesting.  I’m fasciated by street art.  More about Swoon here.  And for a very cool look into the life and story of Banksy, check out the awesome documentary: Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Mexican vegetable soup and HOMINY.

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So I have a confession.  I don’t tend to eat the most healthy of foods.  Anyone who knows me understands this to be true.  I would eat bacon everyday if someone handed it to me.  And chocolate should be a mandatory part of anyone’s daily diet.  

But, 2013 is going to be a big year for me.  For many reasons; the least of which is I’m going to try to eat a *tad* more healthy.  And this soup is probably the healthiest thing I’ve ever made.  It’s not half bad; for being healthy that is.  It made me eat lots of vegetables.  Even carrots, which I hate.  And let’s face it: I’ll eat anything with avocados.And in my quest to be more healthy, and make this soup, i discovered a new love:  hominy.

What is hominy you ask?  It’s basically dried corn kernels that have undergone a process called nixtamalization.  Whatever, it’s good.  The taste conjures up some Mexican street food from my past, but I can’t quite put my finger on how to describe it exactly.  It’s delicious.  Just try it.   It would probably go great in salads, other soups, mixed in with grilled chicken as a topping with some garlic.  Just go crazy.