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30 and 32.

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Well, I turn 32 today, and while I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I am a little sad as well.  My brother Philip would have turned 30 today.  A big birthday.  I have such sweet memories of my mom making two birthday cakes, my parents getting two sets of presents, and of all the birthday fun we always had on January 21st.  While I was weeks late, Philip was early, and somehow, we both emerged on the same day – 2 years apart.  My parents always made sure to make us each feel special on our shared day.  We would even get to have two separate birthday parties!

I’m so lucky.  I have amazing parents, an awesome sister, an amazing brother-in-law and niece.  I have my love, Jake.  I have incredible friends and family all over the world.  I have a brother who isn’t here anymore, but who holds a special place in my heart always, but especially on this day.

I’ve never shared feelings like this so publicly, but because it’s our birthday, because I feel so lucky, and so loved, I wanted to share.

Lime cupcakes, Vermont trips, and SKI WAFFLES!!!

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Sweet scripts:  Lime cupcakes with strawberry frosting, spontaneous trips to vermont, and “ski waffles!”

Cold, brisk, snowy January days (on which I am lucky enough to be home and not working!) deserve these bright lime cupcakes.  The cream cheese frosting was an interesting mixture…. half of the sugar ended up on me/the ground/the wall.  Bear was VERY happy about that.  Didn’t catch that part on film.  But said frosting was creamy and sweet anyway!

And those same cool days are perfect for a rather spontaneous trip up to Vermont for snowboarding, b&bs with private hot tubs, catching up with old friends, and some doggie playtime in the snow!  Bear finally got to meet his counterpart…. FEMALE Bear!  Honey Bear, that is.  After a stressful introduction (Jake has the puncture wounds to prove it), the doggies warmed up to each other and then couldn’t be pulled apart.  The Bears, as I like to call them, became fast friends and soon forgot the fight they started off the night with.  Dogs are funny.

Ok, and seriously, why are the chocolate covered sugar waffles they sell ONLY at Vermont ski resorts so freaking delicious?  Why?  And why are they at every ski resort in Vermont and NOWHERE else?  And lastly, but most importantly, how can I make them?

Sleeping in…

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Apple pecan sticky buns.

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Happy New Year 2013!

A little sad to return to Boston after spending a few days with the family in Philadelphia and Florida.  I miss them all so much!

I have to say, I’m a tad bit obsessed with my niece, Perry.  She’s got the sweetest little smile.  And is there anything better than a child’s laugh??

Only spent a few hours in the kitchen this past week, as I got to enjoy my mom’s cooking. Beef stew with flour dumplings, christmas egg casserole, prime rib, evil potatoes, red velvet cake…  I never realized how lucky I was growing up to have a mother who made amazingly delicious homemade meals every night of the week!

The only thing I made was apple pecan sticky buns.  They were pretty good, but more of a biscuit texture than doughy which was my only complaint.

Looking forward to an exciting year – it’s going to be filled with many changes!  New job, new city, new life!