Nutella fudge and Jake’s turkey.

Thanksgiving 2012.

Our first Thanksgiving cooking for ourselves… AND, our parents.  We were so happy we had the chance to have both of our parents up to Boston to celebrate the holiday with us.  

It started off bright and early in the morning (after getting caffeinated), with making the incredibly simple, but incredibly delicious Chocolate Nutella Fudge.  I could not keep my parents away from this stuff!  I will be making this again.  Soon.  I might have a slight obsession with all things Nutella.

Jake made the turkey.  Found the recipe, took apart the bird, stuffed it, including sticking his hand in between the skin and the meat – all the way down that bird.  Then he also got the honors of cutting our first turkey.  The best part: it was a tasty turkey!  

I made herb-stuffing and doctored (no pun intended) up the recipe with some sausage.  Because who doesn’t like sausage in their stuffing.   Not us.  It was slightly labor intensive, but ended up being totally worth it.  It was from the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook which I have to say is always dependable.  It’s got these small hand drawn illustrations of the components of a dish which are so adorable.  And everything we have made from this cookbook has been super solid. 

Our entire thanksgiving meal was incredible.  Our parents met for the first time and it could not have gone better.  We went to bed that night full, happy, and excited for the future.