Sintra, Coimbra, Aviero, Portugal.

And the road trip continues.

A few more Sintra photos, because it was just that beautiful.   Jake wanted to give me a heart attack by simulating flying off of the top of Pena Palace…

Next stop:  Coimbra.  Center of Portugal, home to its oldest (founded 1290!!) and most respected university.  We only had about 24 hours there (including sleeping), so just wandered around the old city for a few hours – mostly admiring the interesting and incredible street art – before heading out.   We (or me, mostly) found ourselves astonished at the tiny streets and the people’s ability to park and maneuver their cars!  I do have to note here, that Jake did ALL of the driving in Portugal – and, we returned the car with no scratches!   Great job babe!

And the road trip up the coast continued.  We had to stop in Aviero and check out “the Venice of Portugal.”  While it was (probably) nowhere near the size and beauty of Venice (have never been, need to go!), it was a fun little beach town.  The neighborhood on the beach – Costa-Nova – is famous for its striped tiled houses which look almost Disney-Land-like in photos.  But which is modest and beautiful in real life.  Learned on our moliceiro (boat) ride through the canals that tiles were initially placed on houses to protect the foundation from salt.  Now, more so for aesthetics…  🙂

Next stop, my favorite, Porto.